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Repairing Cells and Longevity Myths with Dr. Charles Brenner

Charles Brenner, a leading biochemist at City of Hope National Medical Center in L.A., discovered a vitamin precursor called NR that seems to enable repair of cellular damage that happens as we get older.

Charles Brenner

Meet Charles Brenner, the Longevity Skeptic. Brenner, a leading biochemist at City of Hope National Medical Center in L.A., has been attending the largest longevity conferences with one main purpose: to point out that some of the other speakers are full of it.

Brenner is "throwing cold water" on several scientists in the field of aging, accusing them of hyping various fountains of youth, despite limited evidence for these therapies.

In this podcast episode, Brenner sat down with Leaps.org to discuss his groundbreaking work on metabolism and his efforts to counter what he considers to be bad science.

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Matt Fuchs
Matt Fuchs is the host of the Making Sense of Science podcast and served previously as the editor-in-chief of Leaps.org. He writes as a contributor to the Washington Post, and his articles have also appeared in the New York Times, WIRED, Nautilus Magazine, Fortune Magazine and TIME Magazine. Follow him @fuchswriter.
So-Called “Puppy Mills” Are Not All As Bad As We Think, Pioneering Research Suggests

New research challenges the popular notion that all commercial breeding kennels are inhumane.

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Kim Kavin
Kim Kavin is a lifelong journalist who has been reporting on and writing about the dog industry for nearly a decade. Her 2012 book Little Boy Blue and her 2016 book The Dog Merchants both won national awards. More recently, Kim won the 2019 Donald Robinson Prize for Investigative Journalism for a piece in The Washington Post that documented a multimillion-dollar river of cash flowing from rescue nonprofits, shelters and dog-advocacy groups through dog auctions into the pockets of dog breeders. Kim lives in New Jersey with her two adopted shelter mutts. Learn more about her at www.kimkavin.com